Jim Anliot, Director of Healthcare Compliance Services at Affiliated Monitors, Inc., features to discuss how best to navigate a federal program integr...View Details

Sharon Nicka, founder and president of Nicka & Associates, joins the show to discuss the import of evaluating ED’s in your compliance program.  Co...View Details

Independent reviews of a revenue cycle are crucial to ensuring the financial health of your organization.  Whether its looking at your organization’s ...View Details

Ensuring compliant coding begins with high-quality documentation.  This task need not fall exclusively on the shoulders of the physicians rendering s...View Details

CMS’s Targeted Probe and Educate (“TPE”) Program is yet another mechanism to ensure accurate and compliant claims are submitted for reimbursement to M...View Details

While outsourcing functions of the revenue cycle, often times it can feel convenient and synergistic to have one entity perform both the billing and c...View Details

While auditing coding and documentation is critical to validating your compliance efforts, once you have results that fall short of your established ...View Details

Selecting the right auditing team is critical to getting the feedback your organization needs to improve on any outstanding deficiencies.  This holds ...View Details

Crafting a coding compliance plan hinges on setting clear timelines and standards for validating your organization’s coding efforts.  Determining how ...View Details

Setting your organization up for success by intelligently resourcing your coding needs is the first step in any compliance program.  Join the team as ...View Details

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